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Why Blue Recruit for your company?

  1. We come from the Aerospace Industry.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, Blue Recruit's team has held positions in Fortune 100, private equity and privately held companies, ranging from Executive Vice President to Sales Representative. We understand what makes sales and business development candidates top performers, because we have been top performing candidates. We target candidates from Sales Representatives to C-level Executives.

  1. We have built our own teams.

As Executive Vice Presidents and Directors in Aerospace ourselves, we understand the challenges our clients face in the Aerospace sector. We have built our own global sales, business development and marketing teams with top performers and know what is needed for a candidate to be a good fit for your culture and a top performer.

  1. We can implement and execute your hiring strategy.

Our clients built their companies through creating successful strategies and executing them to achieve greatness. We know that you have ways in which you like to conduct your business. We want to work with you to learn your culture and meet your needs to maintain the fluidity of moving toward your goals. We start with getting to know your workplace and where you have had successful candidates as well as less than successful candidates. Through this evaluation, we can create an ideal candidate profile to bring top performers to your teams and help you succeed.

  1. We can give guidance where and when it is needed.

Long days and nights of recruiting quality candidates and working with clients is our entire business. We know that you may have questions about the market and where we have seen successes in your space. As a company that specializes in Aerospace Recruitment, we have gained unique insight into how the market is moving and what it will take to keep pace. As former builders of Aerospace sales, business development and marketing teams ourselves, we can share the lessons we have learned through our experiences.


Why let Blue Recruit help you?

  1. We were once candidates ourselves.

Each member of the Blue Recruit team has spent his or her career in Aerospace sales positions. As experienced high performers ourselves, we know the desirable traits of a company to trust with your reputation. We trusted recruiters throughout our careers to put us in the best places to succeed. Now in the position of recruiters, we specialize in placing positions from Sales Representatives to C-level Executives.

  1. We know the Aerospace Industry.

Our days and nights are spent interacting with sales candidates and clients in the Aerospace industry. This gives us the opportunity to stay informed on the trends in the various sectors within Aerospace . Throughout our 50 years of combined experience, we have been annual visitors at MRO Americas, NBAA, ACPC, RAA, and various international shows. Our experience in positions before Blue Recruit allowed us to learn the challenges faced daily in the industry.

  1. We have built our own Aerospace Sales careers.

Operating in roles from Executive Vice Presidents to Sales Representatives, we built our own careers in the Aerospace sector. We have represented companies from original equipment manufacturers to aircraft service providers, and the many companies in between. Each person at Blue Recruit has used a recruiter to find the right company for him or her, or help him or her build a sales team full of top performers. We know the trust you are putting in us to help you provide for your loved ones and yourself, and we approach the relationship with the same respect our recruiters had for us during our times as candidates.

  1. We can help you see your value.

As a candidate in the Aerospace industry, it can feel overwhelming when trying to find a new position. We know the success that your efforts produce for our clients and can help to show you what your true value is in the marketplace. We start with getting to know who you are, not just making assumptions based on the achievements and timeline of your resume. We will make it our goal to find a position that meets your quality of life as well as your compensation needs.